Angela Campbell

2016 Summer Welcome Leader-Angela CampbellName: Angela Campbell

Hometown: Woodridge, IL

Year: Freshman

Academic Major(s): Health Sciences



  • If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?

Once I am done with all my schooling, it would be amazing to travel the world. I would love to visit the places my grandparents are from, especially Poland. It would be so cool to see where they grew up and how they lived. It would also be fun to travel to new places and immerse myself into a new culture. There are so many interesting things that happen outside of the United States and experiencing them would be a great opportunity. I would love to see all the beautiful nature the world has to offer and see things that I have never seen before.

  • What brought you to Mizzou?

I first heard about Mizzou from my cousin who is a student at the university. When I came here for the first time to visit, she was a freshman and told me all about the amazing experiences she had her first year here from football games to events happening at Memorial Union. All the fun things there are to do here made me want to have the same great experiences she had. I also was very impressed by the academics at Mizzou. I wanted to go into Physical Therapy and the PT program here was different than any other program I had previously looked at. They have PhysZOU, a clinic where the graduate students get hands on experience their first day of the program. With all the great athletics, activities, and academics how could I not come to Mizzou?

  • How do you make Mizzou your home?

I make Mizzou my home getting involved with everything that I can. I love constantly having things to do and meeting new people while doing activities I am interested in. Getting a job on campus at the Rec has made me even more involved with Mizzou than I was before. I am able to make new friends this way and know everything that the Rec has going on. I also get involved with clubs and activities that have to do with my major like Health Professions for Quality Care Club and Pre Physical Therapy Organization. These things allow me to learn more about my major and the field of study that I am passionate about.

  • What is your favorite spot on campus? Why?

My favorite spot on campus is the second floor of the Student Center. There are so many places that you can hangout, study or sleep. The couches and chairs are so comfortable that it’s hard not to take a nap when you really should be studying. There are places that you can go that are quiet, but there are also places that are loud. Just being in the student center, you can see everything that is going on, whether it is free food or a giant inflatable obstacle course. It is a place that you can go to meet up with people and work on a project or keep to yourself and relax. I love that the second floor of the student center offers so much variety in what it can be used for and it is just a fun place to be.

  • What is your favorite dining hall and why?

My favorite dining hall is definitely Plaza. The food there is always amazing. They have everything; burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salad, and I won’t forget to mention the stir fry. As you walk out the door you can grab the dessert of the day and if you need to, head over to Emporium. Emporium is like a subway where you can get made to order sandwiches and salads. They also have little grocery section with fresh fruit and veggies, juices and milks, and chips and cereal.