Cameron Mitchell

2016 Summer Welcome Leader-Cam MitchellName:  Cameron Mitchell

Hometown:  Naperville IL

Year: Junior

Academic Major(s):  Marketing



  • What brought you to Mizzou?

I went to community college back home for my first two years of college. Towards the beginning of my time at community college, I started to research where I wanted to transfer off to after my time at community college has ended. I never considered Mizzou to be a school to transfer to until a friend of mine, who was already attending Mizzou, told me to really consider looking into the school. After thinking it through, I decided to add Mizzou to the list of places to tour and see if it could be my new home. When we came to Columbia, I took a tour of the school and I received the requirements of the business school. When I walked back to the car with my mom I told her that I’m going to Mizzou when I’m done with community college. It’s a big beautiful campus with lots of opportunity to grow as a person for my future career.

  • What quote do you live by?

Connor McGregor (MMA Fighter) said this and I love it. “There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent doesn’t exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented, I’m obsessed.” I love this quote because he describes the work you put into anything will lead to great things in life.

  • What excites you the most about being a 2016 Summer Welcome Leader?

I’m excited to be a resource to not only the freshman but also to the transfer students as well. I’m excited to help out any way possible to the new students because college is scary to new students but hopefully with my help, I can make it easier on them.

  • How do you make Mizzou your home?

I made Mizzou my home by getting involved early. I was a transfer student and everyone told me that transfers don’t do much and that upset me because I like to get out and make friends. So first I rushed a fraternity and made great friends doing that and then I joined two organizations and that really helped me make friends and start appreciating what Mizzou has to offer.

  • What is your favorite dining hall and why?

My favorite dinning hall is Dobbs because they always have great food no matter which line you go to and they have the best deserts. I always try to find people to go with me to Dobbs because its always a great time.