Colby Thornton

Hometown: St. Joseph, Missouri
Year: Junior
Major: Business Administration with emphasis in finance

What brought you to Mizzou?

During my initial tour it just felt like home. All of the students and staff were so welcoming, and family is very important to me, so having that feeling on my initial visit was amazing. Also, after researching and talking to other students, I realized how many opportunities were available on campus, whether that be through research, artistry, involvement and so much more.

Who would you say is your role model? Why?

One of my role models is Beyoncé, not because I just like her music, but I love the meaning behind the music. Throughout my life her music has inspired me to be wholeheartedly myself. She is also possibly the hardest worker in the music industry, and I push myself every day to work harder than those around me.