Parent & Family Resources

A student’s transition to Mizzou is shared by the whole family. Attending orientation as a family member allows you to get answers to your questions and address your concerns about your student’s college journey.

Summer Welcome presentations and activities are designed to help you gain additional information about the resources available to your student as they get settled on campus. To get the most out of these activities, we encourage you to watch the videos and explore the links on this page so that you come into Summer Welcome informed and ready with questions for our staff.

Your student will have access to these resources (and more) through their pre-orientation modules in Canvas. We’ve created this page so that you can find the most pertinent information without having to read over your student’s shoulder!


Use the links below to jump to different sections on the page (or just scroll down!)


Travel Info, Parking, and Check-In

This page has directions to campus and information about how to get around once you get here. There’s also information about parking and check-in for in-person Summer Welcome sessions.

Parking & Travel Info

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Mizzou Life

Residential life

Explore your student’s new home, find answers to frequently asked questions and learn about new student move-in.

Disability Center

Help your student start the process of establishing housing accommodations now, and continue with academic accommodations after they’ve registered for classes.

Campus Dining Services

Parking & Transportation Services

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Mizzou Families

Located in the Office of the Dean of Students, Mizzou Families provides programs and services to inform, educate, and assist family members of Mizzou students. Programs include Family Weekend and Spring Family Fling.

On the Mizzou Families website, you will find resources including the Mizzou Families Calendar, the family assistance phone line, contact information for important campus resources, and advice on a wide range of topics related to parenting a college student. We encourage you to sign up for the mailing list under the “Stay Informed” tab. Visit or get in touch using the contact information below.

Mizzou Families
Office of the Dean of Students
2202 MU Student Center
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Toll-free parent and family assistance line:  888-631-1098
Local number:  573-882-5539


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Student Financial Aid

The Mizzou Student Financial Aid Office promotes excellent customer service while educating students, families, campus, and the community about Financial Aid resources in order to promote access in higher education. SFA strives to administer aid programs in an accurate and equitable manner while complying with federal, state, private, and institutional rules and regulations.

View the Student Financial Aid Task Center in MizzouOne

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Cashiers Office

The Office of Cashiers, a unit within the Division of Finance, is responsible for managing student finances and consists of five main areas: student account billing and collection, cashiering services, refund processing, sponsor billing, and institutional student loans.

The Student Center page in myZou is a student’s main resource page for functionality within myZou. The following video demonstrates a few of the most common features a student will utilize in their Student Center. Note: for you to pay your student’s bill on their behalf, you’ll need to be added as an Authorized User on their account. More on that below.

TouchNet is the billing and payment system used by students and authorized users to manage the student account.  The following video exhibits a few of the most prevalent functions used in TouchNet.


Semesters are billed by dividing each semester balance into minimum monthly payments. The Summer semester has 3 minimum payments and the Fall and Spring semesters have 4 minimum payment due dates. Bills are run on the 15th of each month (or closest business day to the 15th if it falls on a weekend/holiday) and due the 10th of the following month. Students and Authorized Access users will receive an email notifying them of the bill that is ready to be viewed in TouchNet.

Cashiers Office Resources

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Campus Safety

Campus Safety Resources

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Missouri Residency

Establishing Missouri residency is a complex decision and requires several steps your student must prove they have taken and several documents they must provide. It also may not benefit your student if it changes their financial aid and scholarship awards. You can get all the details to assist you and your student in your decision and process to establish residency in the state of Missouri from the Residency Department of the Office of the University Registrar.

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Academic Resources & Support

Mizzou has multiple programs to help your student succeed in their studies. Students with disabilities can also find academic support and accommodations through the Disability Center (mentioned in Mizzou Life section above).

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides peer and professional instruction to enhance students’ academic performance at no extra cost. Programs within the Learning Center include the Writing Center, NetTutor, Tiger Tutors, Private Tutoring, Study Plan Consultant, the TRiO Program, and other resources.

Writing Center

As part of the Learning Center, the Writing Center provides free and confidential tutoring support for anyone with an MU pawprint and password. Their trained staff, made up of MU undergraduate and graduate students, can assist with any piece of writing, at any stage of the writing process, for both course-based assignments and application materials like personal statements and cover letters. Writing tutoring can be accessed via their website by either scheduling a face-to-face (or Zoom) appointment or by submitting drafts to the Online Writery and receiving feedback via MU email.

Campus Writing Program

The mission of the Campus Writing Program is to invest in teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is a space where the transfer student community comes together at all stages of the transfer process. The Transfer Center provides admissions coordinators to navigate your transition to Mizzou, advisors to guide you in your academics, and programming (like the Transfer Experience and Advising Mentors program) to keep you engaged in the Mizzou community.

Multicultural Certificate Program

The Multicultural Certificate is the representation of a student’s effort to learn about other cultures by taking approved classes at the University of Missouri. These cultures include other countries, ethnicities, LGBTQ, disabled, and other communities.

Center for Academic Success & Excellence (CASE)

CASE is a campus support center for underrepresented students. All currently enrolled students at MU can utilize the department’s services because CASE works to promote success and persistence for all students.

The CASE Scholars program strives to assist underrepresented students in a variety of academic disciplines successfully transition into their undergraduate journey through fostering mentor relationships and providing learning opportunities that support their academic enrichment, financial literacy and sense of belonging, thus fostering their ability to persist and conquer any challenges they face at the University of Missouri.

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myZou & MizzouOne

MyZou is Mizzou’s online student information system that manages information and activities surrounding admissions, registration, grading, financial aid, tuition and student charges. The Division of Information Technology has a playlist of useful videos to help your student get started.

MizzouOne is a student-focused tool that provides a searchable list of links to helpful resources and information. Encourage your student to download the the MizzouOne app for help on the go!

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Student IDs

Your student’s Mizzou ID is important: it’s their room key and their access to campus dining meal plans.

Students attending an in-person Summer Welcome session, will have time in their schedule to have a photo taken and get their ID printed at the ID office—located in TigerTech at the Mizzou Store.

Students attending virtual Summer Welcome sessions must request an ID online. Have your student submit the ID Card Photo Submission form. Once their photo is received, TigerTech will print your student’s card and having it waiting for them during move-in in August. For more information, visit the ID Cards webpage.

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Student Health & Well-Being

The University of Missouri is committed to supporting student health and well-being through a network of care that includes the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and Wellness Resource Center. Our holistic and integrated approach to well-being helps connect students to treatment options, build skills that support overall well-being, get involved, and thrive at Mizzou.

Counseling Center resources

Student Health Center resources

Health Fees & Insurance

Student Health Fee

The health fee is required for all students enrolled in fall or spring semesters taking seven or more credit hours. Those not required may choose to pay the health fee to receive covered services. Learn about the services covered by the student health fee.


There are charges associated with most visits to the Student Health Center. Charges depend on the care provided and on the student’s insurance coverage. Students are responsible for paying any costs that are not covered by health insurance or the student health fee.

Financial Assistance

The ability to pay is not a barrier to receiving care at the Student Health Center. Uninsured students are encouraged to purchase the university-sponsored Anthem student Health Insurance within the specified enrollment period. If this isn’t possible, self-paying students are given a substantial discount by University Physicians applied toward their bill. Staff will work with you if you have billing concerns. Learn more about our financial assistance policy.


Visit the Student Health Center website to learn more about how insurance works at the Student Health Center, along with questions to ask your health insurance company about coverage.

Immunization policy

Mizzou requires students to show proof of:

  • Two measles, mumps and rubella vaccines (required of all students).
  • A meningococcal vaccine (required of students living in Residential Life housing).
  • A tuberculosis screening (required of high-risk students).

Students who do not comply with these requirements will not be allowed to register or pre-register for their second semester at MU.

Have your student submit immunization and TB screening records to:

Important Note: Student Health can only reply to a student’s University of Missouri email account.

More information on MU’s immunization policy.

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Office for Financial Success (OFS)

The primary mission of OFS is to improve the financial well-being of individuals within the MU campus community through one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops or seminars, and online services. OFS focuses on helping MU students graduate. OFS works closely with the Department of Personal Financial Planning (PFP), Student Health & Well–Being, Student Financial Aid, Off-Campus Student Services and others to serve the student population.

Encourage your student to check out the resources available through the OFS website at

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The Mizzou Store, Textbooks, and TigerTech

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Still have questions?

We hope so! The resources above are a brief introduction to all the services available to you and your student at Mizzou. Now that you’ve completed your pre-orientation activities, you’ll head into Summer Welcome ready to ask us in-depth questions and really set your student up for success! In the meantime, here are some more steps you can take to get ready:

  • Make sure your student has completed all of their pre-orientation modules in Canvas.
  • Check out the How-To: Summer Welcome page to prepare for your Summer Welcome session
  • Make a list of questions that you and your student can ask during Summer Welcome

If you have an urgent question or need help accessing your Summer Welcome session, our Summer Welcome HQ help desk in Zoom is staffed Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Central Time) to help get you where you need to go. Find the link to the Summer Welcome HQ help desk on the How-To: Summer Welcome page. You can also email us at or call 573-884-9868.