Genivieve Krasinski

Hometown: Spring Grove, Illinois
Year: Junior
Major: Speech language & hearing sciences

How was your transition process into Mizzou from another college?

I transferred from another college that felt like a second high school a little bit. I loved my community college experience, but I wanted something more. I struggled with the huge class sizes for a bit, but then I got used to it quick. Everyone at Mizzou was so nice and wanted to help make my transition easy.

What is your favorite Mizzou memory?

My favorite Mizzou memory might have to be when I met my best friend. We had both decided to try something new and went to a hall government meeting for the hall we lived in. We ended up talking and hanging out more and more and all of a sudden, we became best friends. Without her I would not have even half the Mizzou memories I have now.