Kendall Malkin

2016 Summer Welcome Leader-Kendall MalkinName: Kendall Malkin

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL

Year: Junior

Academic Major(s): Human Development and Family Science—Child Life



  • If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?

I have always wanted to be an actor. I would then become a humanitarian like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, and help in any way I can for others. If I also had all the time in the world, I would travel and learn about other cultures!

  • What is your favorite Mizzou memory?

My favorite Mizzou memory is MizzouThon, or formerly known as Mizzou’s Dance Marathon. My first Main Event was when it clicked and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my life as a future Child Life Specialist. I have been on Leadership for the past couple years, and they are my family. They push me to be comfortable with whom I am as a deaf person.

  • Who would you say is/are your role model(s)? Why?

Marlee Matlin is and has always been my role model. She is a well-known deaf actress. I have always looked up to her because she represents and pushes to advocate for the deaf community.

  • How was your transition process into Mizzou from high school?

Surprisingly smooth! I was well prepared by several teachers in high school. I also learned and took advantage of all the resources Mizzou has to provide.

  • If you had a theme song to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

“I Lived” by OneRepublic. The music video shows a boy with cystic fibrosis who doesn’t let it defeat him and does bike marathons. I think it applies so much to my life as well because I don’t let my deafness limit the various abilities I can do in life.