Nick Wojciechowski

2016 Summer Welcome Leader-Nick WojciechowskiName: Nicholas Wojciechowski

Hometown: Kirkwood, Missouri

Year: Sophomore

Academic Major(s): Parks, Recreation and Tourism – Sport Management


  • If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?

I would become a professional golfer on the PGA Tour. This sounds like any other dream but golf is my heart and soul and I would do anything in the world to have a job aligned with the golf industry. Having this position would enable me to make a ton of money, being able to afford a wonderful house for my family and being able to send my kids to high school and college, as I believe an academic career is extremely important for everyone. This job would be my life and I would treasure it like no other. It will also help me succeed off the course as I mentioned for taking care of my family, going on vacation whenever and wherever and of course, coming back to visit the great University of Missouri.

  • What quote do you live by?

Many of you have heard of (hopefully) the Batman Trilogy. My quote comes from the first movie of that trilogy, Batman Begins. At the end of the movie, Batman states, “It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me”. I take this to heart as it means that you can only so much on the outside, in this case (under Batman’s mask), but it’s who you are on the inside and what you do that really makes what kind of person you will become and already are.

  • How do you make Mizzou your home?

It is simple. Find the group of people that you feel the most comfortable being around, where you know you can thrive and have a ton of fun. If you do this, not only will everything fall into place afterwards but also you will continue to succeed in classes, in your social life and in just being a Mizzou Tiger. Having the right group of friends is so important because they will be the ones that care about you the most during your college life (especially freshman year) and they will be the one always at your side. Oh yeah, and another quick thing. Go to football games, if you want to add an extra flavor of how Mizzou is home, tailgate on a Saturday and attend some SEC football.

  • How was your transition process into Mizzou from high school?

It was definitely a difficult process; I came from a small private school of about 600 students. When you come to a university of 35,000 it definitely opens your eyes. However, I got straight to it, I found my close group of friends, I went to class and within two to three weeks I felt comftable and I felt as if, I got this, it’s go time. Lets make this an incredible four years and here I am. A 2016 Summer Welcome Leader

  • If you had a theme song to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

Roar by Katy Perry. Now, I would also say Jumpman by Drake but Katy’s song is better since I am a Missouri Tiger and what do Tigers do? They “Roar”, also I believe it just has a wonderful meaning behind it and the beat is prime. Not many people would probably agree with me or would blare it on the speakers at a house party or friend gathering but I would. It just makes me happy and describes me all around. However, if you want to get me pumped up and ready to go for the day then Jumpman by Drake is the way to go.