Math Placement & Foreign Language Exams

Mizzou Math Placement Exam

The math department uses the MyMath Test Math Placement Assessment (MMT) as a tool to evaluate math ability.  MMT, an online assessment that covers a variety of pre-calculus topics, zeros in on the strengths and weaknesses of your current mathematical knowledge.  Understanding your current ability level is critical to placing you in an appropriate math course at Mizzou.

Most students are required to take MMT to qualify for a math course.  However, some students with prior math credit might not need to take the assessment. To find out if the MMT assessment is required for you, visit  and take a short survey.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

All students will have the opportunity to take the MU Foreign Language placement exam at SW.  This exam takes about 20 minutes and is completed on-line in one of MU’s computer labs.

For more information, students may contact Testing Services at 573-882-4801 or contact their Academic Advisers.