Registration Help FAQs

1. How do I register for orientation?

The link to register can be found in the menu at the top of this page and in the Quick Links section of our homepage. You will need your MyZou username and password.

2. I can't log in. How do I reset my password?

The registration site requires your MyZou login credentials. If you do not remember your password or your temporary password has expired, you will need to go to, click on the link “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions.

To create a permanent password for the first time, Go to, and click on the link “Create a Password.” Follow the instructions and create a permanent password. After successfully changing your password, please wait 5-10 minutes, then log into myZou. If you can log into myZou, you will now be able to login to the registration system.

3. What if I forgot my username?

You’ll need your MyZou username and password for daily life at Mizzou. If you don’t remember your username, please contact the Help Desk at 573-882-5000.

4. When I try to register for orientation, I am told I have to pay a $300 fee. What is that for?

All new on-campus degree seeking MU students are required to pay a one-time enrollment fee of $300, refundable until May 1. This fee must be paid in order to participate in an orientation session. If you choose to pay your enrollment fee online through you application status page (, please allow 48 hours for the payment to process before attempting to register for orientation.

5. I’ve already paid the fee, but I’m still prompted to pay when I try to register. What should I do?

Please contact our office at 573-884-9868. We will verify the payment and update our records so you no longer receive the payment prompt.

6. I have already sent in money for my guests, and now one or both of them can't attend. What do I do?

If any of your registered guests change their schedule and can’t attend, you must log back into your reservation at least three business days before your session and change your guests to “not attending”. This will generate an email confirming your refund.

7. What if I need to change my scheduled orientation date?

If you need to change the date of your session, please log back into your reservation and select from any of the open dates showing.

If the session date that you want is not available:

  1. Check back frequently to see if a spot becomes available
  2. Select another date that is available
  3. Call our office at 573-884-9868 to discuss other options
8. When will I receive a confirmation email?

You should receive your confirmation email approximately 1-4 business days after you have submitted both your payment and reservation. Please remember that this email will be sent to your MU student email as well as the personal email that you put on your application. If you need to change your personal email, please log into your myZou account and update your email address.

9. How do I register for a parking permit for orientation?

The MU parking system is now a virtual system.  Please watch your email for the link to register your vehicle for orientation. If your vehicle changes prior to attending orientation, please register your new vehicle and email to notify us of the original vehicle which will no longer need a parking permit. If you will be renting a vehicle, you will have the option to register for parking at orientation check-in. The license plate number is required.

10. What if I need to add or remove a guest?

If you need to change any guest reservations, please log back into your reservation at least three business days before your session and change your guest information. If you are removing a guest, you will receive a refund email after you have saved and submitted your changes on the payment screen. If you are adding any information, you may be asked to submit payment for the additional fees.

11. How do I get directions to campus?

A link to the Map and Directions will be sent with your confirmation letter. If you do misplace it, you can find the information on our homepage under the Quick Links section.