Summer Welcome FAQs

Why is it important that I attend Summer Welcome?

Summer Welcome is Mizzou’s advising, registration, and orientation program for new students. It is your opportunity to meet with an academic adviser from your intended major and complete your fall course schedule. Additionally, you will meet new and current MU students, interact with faculty and staff, and learn about involvement opportunities beyond the classroom. At Summer Welcome you will receive answers to any questions you may have about attending Mizzou.

How do I register for Summer Welcome?

Click “Register for Orientation” in the menu at the top of this page. You will need your user name and permanent password. Your user name can be found on the letter that accompanied your New Student Guide booklet sent to you in the mail. If you do not remember your password, you will need to go to and click on the link “Forgot Your Password?” If you don’t remember your username, please contact the Help Desk at 573-882-5000.

When I try to register for Summer Welcome, I am told I have to pay a $300 fee. What is that for?

All new on-campus degree seeking MU students are required to pay a one-time enrollment fee of $300, refundable until May 1. This fee must be paid in order to participate in an orientation session. If you choose to pay your enrollment fee online through you application status page (, please allow 48 hours for the payment to process before attempting to register for orientation.

Where is the schedule for Summer Welcome?

You will receive a schedule of session times and locations when you arrive at check-in. The first day will primarily be information sessions, and the second day will include advising and course registration, which each academic division does differently. The academic divisions will not allow you to meet with an adviser or register for courses if you do not attend all of the programs and events during Summer Welcome, so you must be here for the full two days.

When will I meet with my adviser and register for classes?

You will meet with your academic adviser on the second day. You will receive your advising time during the programming on the first day. The academic divisions will not allow you to meet with an adviser or register for courses if you do not attend all of the programs and events during Summer Welcome, so you must be here for the full two days.

Where should I park for Summer Welcome?

The MU parking system is now a virtual system. Please watch your email for the link to register your vehicle for orientation. If your vehicle changes prior to attending orientation, please register your new vehicle and email to notify us of the original vehicle which will no longer need a parking permit. If you will be renting a vehicle, you will have the option to register for parking at orientation check-in. The license plate number is required.

Where do I check in for Summer Welcome?

Check-in will be from 7:30 a.m.–8:30 a.m. in Rollins in Hudson/Gillett Residence Halls on the corner of Rollins and Virginia Avenue.

What if I need to add or remove a guest?

If you need to change any guest reservations, please log back into your reservation at least three business days before your session and change your guest information. If you are removing a guest, you will receive a refund email after you have saved and submitted your changes on the payment screen. If you are adding a guest, you may be asked to submit payment for the additional fees.

I will be arriving the night before my Summer Welcome session. Do you provide lodging?

We do provide on-campus housing the night before your Summer Welcome session for both students and parents. If you need housing, please indicate this on your Summer Welcome Reservation form. If you are traveling a long distance and need an extra night, you can pay $25 for each additional night’s stay. Parents and other guests will each pay $30 for each additional night’s stay.

When will my Summer Welcome session be over?

Students attending the two-day session will complete Summer Welcome by 2:00 pm on Day Two. Students attending a one-day session will complete their activities by 5:00 pm.

I am a non-traditional student or veteran. Do I have to attend Summer Welcome?

Yes, you should still attend Summer Welcome. As a veteran or other non-traditional student, we understand that you may not require the entire two-day experience offered for our freshman students. You have the option of attending a one-day orientation session instead. If you do not see this option when you log in to the reservation system, please contact our office at 573-884-9868 for assistance.

Will I be able to pick my roommate for the overnight stay?

All students may request one roommate to stay with them during Summer Welcome. To be roommates, students must be attending the same session, and both students must request each other.  Note: You may only request one roommate.

Where will parents/guests stay overnight?

Parents and guests may choose to stay on campus for a fee or off campus in hotel accommodations they plan for themselves. If choosing to stay on campus, parents and guests will stay in a suite-style residence hall with a bathroom shared by up to four guests. Please take this into consideration before signing up for the stay. Guests of the same student may stay together. Please make sure to select different rooms on your reservation if you choose not to room together.  If you have three or more guests staying in the residence halls, please let us know which guests will be staying together in which rooms.

What is an academic guide? How do I replace the one I lost?

The academic guide is a planning worksheet that helps students start to figure out which courses they would like to take at Mizzou. It is not necessary to complete the guide before meeting with your adviser, but it is helpful. An extra copy can be found on our homepage under the “Quick Links” section.