Summer Welcome FAQs

1. Why is it so important that I attend Summer Welcome?
2. How do I register for Summer Welcome?
3. When I try to register for Summer Welcome I am told I have to pay a $300.00 fee. What is this fee?
4. Where is the schedule for Summer Welcome?
5. When will I meet with my adviser and register for classes?
6. Where should I park for Summer Welcome?
7. Where do I check in for Summer Welcome?
8. I have already sent in money for my guests, and now one or both of them can't attend. What do I do?
9. I will be arriving the night before my Summer Welcome session. Do you provide lodging?
10. When will my Summer Welcome session be over?
11. Will my student be able to pick their roommate for the overnight stay?
12. Where will parents/guests stay overnight?
13. What is an academic guide and how do I replace the one I lost?