Abigail Klinkerman

Headshot of Abigail Klinkerman.

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Year: Sophomore
Majors and minors: Broadcast Journalism, minor in Musical Theater

If I could do anything with my life, I would…

Go to Broadway. Immediately. I’ve always loved performing onstage, since I was a kid, and I would do anything to do it professionally!

My favorite spot on campus:

The stone bridge in Peace Park. Not a lot of people know it exists, and that’s one of the best things about it! It’s a nice, quiet spot to clear your mind, relax, or just stroll by on a walk around campus.

My advice for incoming students:

Just say yes. Say yes to going to that interest meeting for that new club, say yes to getting Insomnia Cookies at 2 a.m. with your roommate, say yes to joining your dorm’s intramural volleyball team! You never know the friends you’ll meet or the memories you’ll make if you don’t give it a try!