Gen Krasinski

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Spring Grove, Illinois
Year: Senior
Majors and minors: Speech, language, and hearing sciences with a minor in psychology

How was your transition process into Mizzou from another college?

I transferred after one year at a community college and it was definitely an experience to remember. To come from a small town to a huge university was scary at first, yet I was always excited. It took a little bit of time to get used to the curriculum and Mizzou academics compared with a community college, but once I did, I felt like I could handle anything Mizzou threw my way.

What is your favorite Mizzou memory?

One of my favorite Mizzou memories is actually from Family Weekend. My family came up and I got to show them all around campus, including my favorite spots. Walking campus with them on a gorgeous fall day is always a great time. I get to show off Mizzou.