Holly Graham

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Year: Senior
Majors and minors: Health science with an emphasis in health and wellness, and minors in human development & family sciences and Black studies

What excites you the most about being a Summer Welcome Leader?

What excites me the most about being a Summer Welcome Leader is being able to mentor students on how to navigate Mizzou in a way that is most beneficial to them. I love helping people and being able to help students find their community at Mizzou. I want to help them fall in love with that community the same way I did.

What is your favorite dining hall?

Southwest is my favorite with Emporium coming in as a CLOSE second. I like Southwest because it has many different options, and the smoothies are top tier! Emporium is also great because I am currently obsessed with their turkey and Swiss sandwich.