Jake Cookson

Name: Jake Cookson

Hometown: Monticello, IL

Year: Junior
Academic Major(s): Convergence Journalism

What is your favorite Mizzou memory?

My favorite memory is actually from my day at Summer Welcome in 2015. I remember driving down to Mizzou with my parents, being a little embarrassed to be pulled around by them all day. After arriving my leader did a great job of making us feel at home and getting us out of the “I hope my Mom doesn’t do anything too embarrassing” mindset. Later that night my group left our residence hall to explore campus. We rode the tiger, jumped in the fountain, and sat on the columns eating pizza until the early morning. That was the moment I knew that I would really feel at home once I moved to campus in the Fall.

What excites you the most about being a Summer Welcome Leader?

I am so unbelievably excited to meet the incoming Tiger class of 2021 and help them find their home on our campus. I know my Summer Welcome experience has been one of my favorite parts of college up to this point, and I still meet with my group once a month for a potluck dinner. I hope to bring this type of experience to everyone that plans on running through the columns this fall!

What is your favorite spot on campus? Why?

My favorite spot on campus is the Student Center. From its infamous napping couches in the basement to Mort’s cheese fries, I could camp out in the SC for days at a time if allowed to. My friends and I can always grab a booth there to study and go play some pool in the Shack as a quick stress reliever during a busy finals week.

What quote do you live by?

“I’ve never met a piece of pizza that I didn’t like.” -Will Neer (former SW leader) Plain and simple, I love pizza more than I love almost anything else on this Earth. Anyone in my group can get a full rundown for all of the best pizza joints in CoMo from Rollins @ Night all the way downtown to Pizza Tree’s $2 slices.

What is your favorite dining hall and why?

There’s no doubt in my mind that Dobbs is the best option for Mizzou dining. The grilled chicken and fresh veggies are straight out of a Bobby Flay episode of Iron Chef, and frozen yogurt topped with Dobbs’ chocolate chips is the key to my heart. To top it all off, it’s right next to Faurot (can you say pre-game feast?).