Sami Sandt

Hometown: Branson, Missouri
Year: Junior
Major: International business marketing and Spanish

Who is your role model?

I was able to tutor a young adult from Honduras and teach her English last semester. When I first met her, she spoke little English but was determined to learn and to apply to jobs. We met twice a week and became close friends, and by the end of the semester her English had improved so much that she was able to apply for jobs and got employed!

She is one of my role models because I strive to have the same determination and spirit that she did every day.

What excites you the most about being a 2020 Summer Welcome Leader?

I’m pumped to be able to show incoming students what makes Mizzou unique. Whether they are still hesitant to come here or super excited, I hope I can be a helpful resource and good friend to each student coming through the Summer Welcome process.