Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common places students spend time on campus?

There are several places for students to chill out between classes, catch up with friends, or to squeeze in a little studying. The Student Center has places to study quietly, eat lunch, sneak in a nap, or rent a computer. Memorial Union is a little more casual and also has a Starbucks. Ellis Library has study rooms that can be rented, lots of seating and tons of computers (both Mac and PC). There is also a café with coffee and some snacks in the basement. Some colleges have specific study areas for their students to study in, like the School of Journalism. All of these are great options to hang out in and almost every student takes advantage of each of them at some point during their time at Mizzou. If you choose to live in a residence hall your options for dining are increased to include ten dining plan locations, with options such as all-you-can-eat, take-out, late night dining. There are plenty of options to socialize in one of the multiple lounges (complete with comfy couches and flat screen TVs) as well as study with a group or on your own in one of multiple study rooms that each residence hall provides.

How will living on-campus or off-campus affect my experience at Mizzou?


Residential Life at Mizzou offers 23 residence halls with standard amenities such as laundry rooms, fully equipped kitchens, lounges and study rooms. A variety of room styles such as singles, suites and doubles are available as well as many Living and Learning Community options which provide an academic living and learning experience. A video tour is available for each residence hall that show room styles and amenities. Mizzou also offers three apartment complexes owned and operated by Residential Life. Apartments are adjacent to campus and are available to students who are married, have children or are more than 21 years of age. Find out more about the Housing Process for incoming students at


There are over thirty housing options that cater to college students and many even specifically focus on Mizzou students. These options offer students the ability to live in communities with other students. Visit Mizzou’s off-campus housing website for more information on housing options in Columbia.

How do I find a job on campus?

Students looking for a job on campus can get one by either qualifying for a work study position or through a regular application process. Most positions require a commitment of around 10-12 hours a week. Mizzou’s Career Center offers information on both work study positions and other jobs available on campus. There are also part-time job fairs held on campus regularly that have information on other jobs available throughout Columbia, and students/alumni can create a profile and browse job openings at

What is living in Columbia like?

Columbia is a fun, medium sized town with a small community feel. You can find everything from an indie music scene, to posh down-town shopping, to weekly farmers markets. It has a little something for everyone, and it is easy to make Columbia feel like home. You can take a run on the Katy Trail, meet your friends for dinner on a patio at one of your favorite restaurants downtown, and enjoy a delicious dessert at one of Columbia’s delicious bakeries or ice cream shops. It is also home to multiple regionally know festivals, like Roots-N-Blues Jazz Festival and True/False Film festival. Columbia has even been ranked by as one of the best college towns to live in. Check out the Wellness Resource’s website to “get to know Como”.

How do I get involved on campus?

There is, quite literally, any number of ways to get involved on campus. One great way to start navigating all of the organizations on campus is to sign up for a consultation with an Involvement Ambassador. They can help you find organizations that meet your interests and can connect you with tons resources or events. You can also go to the OrgSync, where there is information on the 750+ organizations on campus. Getting involved can increase the quality of your experience at Mizzou and help you find a community on campus that you can invest in.

What are some traditions at Mizzou?

Mizzou’s history is filled with traditions that have developed over the nearly 200 years that Mizzou has been in existence. The Mizzou Alumni Association’s website has a list and explanation of many of the traditions on campus and a history of the university. One of the most important traditions for new students is the TigerWalk, where new students symbolize their entrance into Mizzou and walk through the Columns toward Jesse Hall. This is always the last Sunday before classes begin.

Where do I buy sports tickets?

Most sporting events are free for students with a student ID. Students are always more than welcome to attend events to support their teams and watch some amazing athletes compete in your favorite sports. The only sports that students have to buy tickets for are football games and basketball games. Tickets can be purchased at Mizzou’s official athletic website and are bought in packages prior to the season beginning. There are two sets of packages: the football package and the football and basketball combo package. The football and basketball combo is the only way to have a guaranteed access to all of the basketball games; however that doesn’t mean you will definitely get to go to each game. Basketball tickets are released in groups, and students with the combo have the opportunity to wait in line to get a grouping of tickets. The only way students can be guaranteed tickets to all of the basketball games is to be one of the first 500 people to sign up for ZouCrew, which is a group of students that get special seating at games and a free t-shirt to wear to the games. You can find more information on ZouCrew and Tiger’s Lair (the football version of ZouCrew) here and here.

How cool is the Rec Center?

Don’t ask us. Just ask Sports Illustrated and, who ranked mizzou’s rec center as the best recreation center in the entire country. Take a dip in Truman’s Pond, get jacked in the Pump Room, or sweat it out in the sauna at the Tiger Grotto. Mizzou’s nationally ranked rec center will likely have everything you could hope for at a gym and more. It is open to all students through their students fees, but students also have the opportunity to sign up for a TigerX pass that gets you access to dozens of weekly classes that are happening almost all day. Check out the schedule and other ways to take advantage of all the Rec has to offer here.

Where do I find information on undergraduate majors and programs at Mizzou?

Students can explore basic information about all undergraduate MU degree programs and search by School/College, Interest Areas, and Career Paths at  A list of the Colleges and Schools at Mizzou can be found here. A list of the undergraduate majors and minors can be found here, and a catalog of the undergraduate classes offered for this current year can be found here. Almost all of the colleges, schools and programs at Mizzou have their own website with more specific information for students currently enrolled in the program or students considering joining the program. Those can be found by searching “Mizzou” and the program you want to look into.

How do I register for classes?

New students register for classes during a scheduled meeting with their advisor at orientation. Students are not required to attend one of the orientation programs, but it is highly recommended and is the only time new students can register for classes before school begins. Orientation programs are held throughout the summer, during August right before school starts, and during the winter break for students starting in the spring semester. To learn about and sign up for Summer Welcome, August Orientation, and Winter Welcome visit the orientation portion of this website.

How can I learn about scholarships and loans?

Mizzou’s Financial Aid Office is the one stop shop for all information on financial aid at Mizzou. Students who hope to receive financial aid must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A link to the application can also be found at the Financial Aid Office Website.

Where should I buy books?

Many students buy their books through the Mizzou Store. Students can pre-order your books so they are ready for you when school starts. The Mizzou Store’s website also offers a price comparison for all of the major online book stores, like Amazon, but many times the Mizzou Store offers the cheapest price.

How do I get help with my homework and find a tutor?

All students have access to a free tutoring service through the Student Success Center. There are tutors for almost every class and major. Students only need go by the center to sign up for a tutor and set up one or weekly meetings for as long as the tutors are needed. The Student Success Center has several different units that all provide services to help students succeed, including Academic Exploration & Advising Services, Academic Retention Services, The Learning Center, and MU Career Center. You can learn more about these services here.

I am interested in studying abroad. Where do I find more information about programs?

Studying abroad while in college is an amazing opportunity to broaden your view of the world and gain invaluable experiences that cannot be attained on a normal university campus. Mizzou offers study abroad programs on almost every continent around the world and has scholarship and financial aid opportunities to help students take advantage of these life changing experiences. Visit Mizzou’s study abroad website for more information and a list of offered programs.