Lauren Johnson

 Program Coordinator: Lauren JohnsonLauren Johnson Program Coordinator for MOM

 Year: Junior

 Major: Biology, PreMed

 Hometown: St. Joseph, MO

Why did you come to Mizzou: I am a fourth generation Mizzou student; I’ve always known that Mizzou was going to be my home!

What is your favorite part of Mizzou? In addition to being a school of wonderful traditions, Mizzou also allows its students to get extremely involved both on a local and global capacity, making all of us the well-rounded students that we should be.

What other organizations are you a part of? I am a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, A Way with Words and Numbers, and Circle of Sisterhood.

What do you love about this program? This program is a fantastic way for transfer students to find their niche and be confident at Mizzou! I love that this program is a mutually benefitting organization allowing older students at MU to help transfer students become adjusted, while also giving the transfer students the opportunity to get involved in other campus organizations!