Lucy Vogt

Director of Public Relations: Lucy VogtLucy Vogt - Director of Public Relations for MOM

Year: Sophomore

Major: Health Science

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo

Why did you come to Mizzou? I chose Mizzou because I wanted more of a challenge than what I was receiving at my last college. After transferring second semester Freshman year, I quickly fell in love with the campus and knew that I had finally made the right choice.

What is your favorite part of Mizzou? My favorite part about Mizzou would have to be the traditions and the opportunities to challenge yourself not only in the class room, but outside as well.

What other organizations are you a part of? I am a part of Summer Welcome and Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee.

What do you love about this program? I love this program because it helped me find my way in a school of 35,000 other students and I want to give back to a program that has given me so much. Being a part of this community taught me that it’s never too late to earn your stripes!