Once You’ve Been Admitted

Step 1: Sign up for Orientation

We offer three orientation options for transfer students: Summer Welcome, August Orientation and Winter Welcome. At orientation, students have the opportunity to learn about the campus, Mizzou traditions, services available to students, campus life, and living in Columbia. One of the most important parts of orientation will be your meeting with your adviser to register for classes. Students who don’t participate in orientation will not be able to register for classes until the week after classes start.

Step 2: Sign-up for Parking Pass

Each student must apply for a parking pass to be able to park in any of the student designated parking areas. The earlier you apply the better space you will get. Learn more about the parking areas and apply for a pass.

Step 3: Look at housing options


Consider living on campus. National research shows that students who live in residence halls are more successful. We know from our own data that students who live in our halls are more likely to stay in school and graduate in four years than students who do not.

The Department of Residential Life offers traditional, community-style singles, doubles and suites. Room rates include utilities, internet, cable, unlimited laundry, cleaning services and 24/7 security.

If you’re over 21 or have a family, you’re eligible to live in a Residential Life apartment. Just like the residence halls, our apartments are conveniently close to your classes, campus activities and job opportunities.

Learn more about housing for transfer students at Mizzou.


You can meet with a consultant at Off-Campus Student Services, who can help you navigate other housing options. Learn more about Off-Campus Student Services.