Placement Exams and Civics Exam

Mizzou offers free online placement exams in math and foreign language to help match student with the course levels and programs they’re most likely to succeed in. So don’t stress. The process only takes a short time and is intended to benefit you as a student.

Math Placement Exam

All Mizzou students must meet minimum freshman math requirements to graduate. But first, we need to get a feel for your math skills. The MyMathTest (MMT) assessment takes one to two hours online and you are required to complete it within 48 hours once you’ve begun. You’ll also have access to a free online study guide to help improve your test scores and prepare you for math at Mizzou.

Key Dates and Deadlines can be found here on the Math Placement page for both fall and spring semesters.

Details and more information on the test can be found on the About Math Placement page.

Do you need to take the MyMathTest? Please visit the online quiz to find out!

Log into MyMathTest with your MU email account.

Foreign Language Placement Tests

All students interested in foreign language courses are encouraged to take the online placement exam now to help you enroll in the appropriate course level during registration at Summer Welcome.

Online exams are available in French, Spanish and German. Foreign language courses are a graduation requirement for specific degrees in international business, journalism and many within the College of Arts and Science.

You can access the Foreign Language Placement Exam here. You will need your Username and password to log in (the same ones you use for myZou).

Once logged in, you should see a blue Enroll in Course button to add the course to your Canvas Dashboard.

You may then choose “Go to your Dashboard” to access the exam at a later time or “Go to the Course” to begin immediately.

Civics Exam

State law requires all students first enrolling full-time in a two- or four-year college after July 2019 to pass a Civics exam in order to graduate. Your first opportunity to take this test will be during Summer Welcome.

Sample questions for the civics exam are available in Canvas once your account is active. You can also prepare for the exam using the US Naturalization test study guide, which covers some of the exam topics, available here. A passing grade is required before you graduate from Mizzou; failure to pass the test at Summer Welcome does not affect your admission decision, and you may take it again after you have started the school year at Mizzou.

Students requiring ADA accommodations may take the exam on campus after the Fall semester begins.