About Us

The Office of New Student Programs helps new students and their families with the transition to college life at Mizzou. Our orientation programs give students the knowledge, skills, and tools to find success in college and beyond.

Here’s what we do:

  • Familiarize you with campus and all its resources
  • Give you tips and strategies for becoming a successful college student
  • Introduce you to future classmates and friends
  • Schedule your first academic advising appointment
  • Help you register for your first semester of classes at Mizzou


It’s our honor to welcome you to the Mizzou family—we’re so glad you’re here!

David Rielley
Senior Coordinator, New Student Programs

Summer Welcome Orientation Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce students to their academic division, including key personnel, support services, advisors, supplemental opportunities, and resources.
  • Inform students of classroom expectations while humanizing and demystifying college professors.
  • Orient students and families to campus support services, options for co-curricular involvement, institutional expectations and values, and important locations.
  • Provide opportunities for new students to meet other new students and current students, faculty, and staff to promote engagement, academic success, and the development of social support networks.