Placement Tests & Civics Exam

Placement exams help us match students with the course levels and programs they’re most likely to succeed in. In other words, don’t stress—it’s about finding the right fit for you. Learn more about our math and foreign language placement tests below, and be sure to read up on the new, state-mandated Civics Exam, too.


Math Placement Exam

A math course is part of Mizzou’s general education requirements. The placement test helps your academic advisor make sure you’re registered for a math class that meets your needs. All incoming freshmen should take the math placement assessment (even students with AP credit or dual credit).

Visit the Math Placement page on the Mathematics department website for more information, including the deadlines for completing the exam in time for fall and spring enrollment.

When you’re ready to take the test, log in to Canvas and find the math placement exam in your Dashboard tab.

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Foreign Language Placement Tests

If you’re interested in taking a foreign language course at Mizzou, taking the online placement exam for your chosen language will ensure you enroll in a course level appropriate to your experience and skills. Because you’ll be registering for classes during orientation, you should complete the exam before your scheduled orientation date.

Online exams are available for French, Spanish, and German. Foreign language courses are a graduation requirement for specific degrees in international business, journalism and many within the College of Arts and Science.

You can access Mizzou’s French, Spanish, and German Foreign Language Placement Exams in your Canvas account. For other languages, contact Pablo Serna, Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures, at

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Civics Exam

Missouri state law requires that all first-time college students enrolling in a full-time, two- or four-year program after July 2019 pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination (MHECAE) before graduating.

You can find sample questions for the civics exam in Canvas. You can also prepare for the exam using the United States Naturalization Test study guide, which covers much of the same material, here.

You can access and take the MHECAE in Canvas once your account is activated. You can take the exam multiple times.
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