Meet the Summer Welcome Leaders

During Summer Welcome, a current Mizzou student will serve as your guide to campus.

You and your guests will join a small group of other new students based on common interests. The Summer Welcome Leader assigned to your group will answer any questions you may have about Mizzou.

Ethan Gonzalez

John Smith

Aidan Haglund

Airi Washington

Allie Byergo

Anna Thompson

Catherine Suchocki

Delaney Franzen

Dorion Bailey

Ethan Tayba

Harleigh Lewis

Isaac Lewis

Isabella Bickhaus

Jaimes Donovan

Jasmine Jackson

Jasmyn Stovall

Jess Ahn

Jill Jennings

John Brandel

Kammie Edwards

Karma Vaughn

Katie Whitmarsh

Landon Stoflet

Lena Herrmann

Lily Lewandowski

Logan Mathews

Maddox Karnes

Matthew Gerber

Megan Fox

Mia Mosby

Morgan Jones

Olivia Gill

Owen Neely

Remi White

Salma Alamin

Sam Puent

Sammy Hentrich

Sarah Riggins