Meet the Summer Welcome Leaders

During Summer Welcome, a current Mizzou student will serve as your guide to campus.

You and your guests will join a small group of other new students based on common interests. The Summer Welcome Leader assigned to your group will answer any questions you may have about Mizzou.

Kyndall Davidson

Olivia Hinkle

Abbi Didonna

Abhay Sharma

Abigail Klinkerman

Allie Pramberger

Bradey Berthot

Caitlyn Woodruff

Callie Hazel

Caven Menezes

Cole Alvarado

Delaney Taylor

Emilio Ayala Youngblood

Erin Nicole Miller

Eryn Ketel

Ethan Gonzalez

Hunter Kistner

Jacob Wizgird

Jenna McKenzie

Joey Yancey

John Smith

Jordan Russell

Kaden Lucas

Karen Stemple

Kate Karpinski

Kate Lopez

Kate McDonald

Katelyn Hess

Katie Schnelle

Keyala Wallock

Lindsey Kulesza

Liz Proctor

Maddie Bunger

Marisa Smith

Nadia Gresham

Noah Nikolaisen

Sruthi Ramesh

Zoey Heinrich