Owen Neely

Pronouns: He/him
Hometown: Lockwood, Missouri
Year: Freshman
Majors: Biochemistry & Psychology

My favorite spot on campus:

My absolute favorite spot on campus is Ellis Library, especially the second floor reading rooms! Whenever I need to work on some homework or take a breather from the busy atmosphere on campus, I love being able to go to the second floor of the library to read a book, listen to music, or enjoy a latte from the Bookmark Café (which I frequent probably way too much). I’m a big lover of academia, which also contributes to my love of Ellis Library. It’s so cool to see different students at the library working so diligently on their own homework or other projects. It’s definitely the place on campus where I can appreciate how amazing the academic communities on campus are, as well as find a little bit of peace amid the hustle and bustle of campus life.

My favorite Mizzou tradition:

Undoubtedly, my favorite Mizzou tradition is Homecoming! My mom, my dad, my stepdad, and several other of my relatives are Mizzou alumni, so going to Mizzou Homecoming was a huge family tradition when I was growing up. Some of my fondest memories of Homecoming were seeing Marching Mizzou playing on the streets of downtown Columbia, catching candy from all the different student organizations, and awing at the elaborate decorations in Greektown. As I grew older, my family didn’t go to as many Homecomings, but I nevertheless envisioned myself as a student walking in the Homecoming parade some day. Mizzou Homecoming truly embodies how community is crucial to our campus, and it gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful place.